5th International Sea Duck Conference 2014

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Bio Flight is attending the 5th International Sea Duck Conference. We are always looking for ways to understand the needs of our customers, and attending conferences is a great way to do this.

We created a poster for the poster presentation session held at Blu Saga Hotel in Reykajvik. The poster is quite informative so if you have any questions they might be answered here. Else feel free to contact Kasper if you have any specific question that the poster doesn’t answer. Kasper is our Chief Pilot, but more than that he is genuinely interested in the subject. Kasper happens to be married to a biologist, so many of the intricate details of how best to preserve the wildlife, the abundance and distribution of sea birds and mammals are frequently discussed around the dinner table. You can contact Kasper on +45 3140 3154 or send him an email at kasper@bioflight.dk