About Bio Flight

Bio Flight is an Aircraft Operator that has specialised in “Special missions” and Aerial Data Acquisition.


Though our idealistic and ambitious approach to aviation, we have created an organisation that offers a very cost effective platform for multiple types of data acquisition.


Bio Flight was founded in 1997 by the former Danish environmental consultancy company Bioconsult, as a necessity for data collection in connection with environmental assessments.
In 2010 Bioflight was sold of to Jesper Padborg and Michael Frørup who made the foundation of Bioflight as we know it today.


Today, Bio Flight is an independent company with a strong relation to environmental flights in connection with offshore wind farms and wildlife monitoring program’s.


In the past years Bio Flight has developed and has acquired a lot of expertise in many different types of aerial data acquisition.
To mention a few, the Bio Flight fleet has been widely recognised to be a sublime platform for aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR.
This is due the fact, that our fleet of Vulcanair P68’s represent one of the most stabile and reliable aircrafts in its category.


 Bioflight has several motto’s or mantras that defines our organisation.
“Do what you do best” and “Your equipment – our aircrafts” says a lot about the way we work.
We are very good at managing aircrafts, so that’s what we do.


“But does Bioflight have their own sensors?”


The answer is no!
To manage multiple types of sensors is very different from managing aircrafts, so we leave that to the professionals.
Those professionals are our clients!


Our goal is the to the best and most reliable platform for aerial data acquisition in Europe.
We will keep developing and adapting to a constantly changing business with some clever words in mind:


               “It’s not all about the destination, it’s how you get there.”