Aerial Photogrammetry and LiDAR

Aerial Photogrammetry and LiDAR.

In the recent years, Bio Flight has acquired skills, knowhow and valuable experience in operations that involves remote sensing.
As a result, Bio Flight is now recognised as one of the preferred collaborators when it comes to flight charter for Remote Sensing operations, like Aerial Photogrammetry and LiDAR.
What makes Bio Flight the preferred collaborator for Remote Sensing aircraft charters?

A very versatile and highly capable fleet of special mission aircraft.

The P68 is designed with special missions in mind, which is shown by the many design features that allows for a stabile and reliable operation.
To mention a few:
– The high-wing configuration ensures both un-obstructed ground visibility but it ensures very good aerodynamic stability.
The aircraft design permits to stay within very narrow parameters, even in rough conditions (Roll +/- 2 degrees and pitch +/- 3 degrees).
  • The Vulcanair/Partenavia is designed to have excellent controllability even at low airspeed.
  • Lowest operational speed (Clean stall speed x 1.30 = 85kt or 157 km/t)
  • Operational range: 85kt to 160kt (157 km/t to 297 km/t) which makes the aircraft suitable for many different applications.
  • Exceptional high endurance (12 hours @ 55% power=100kt)* and very high “Distance coverage” (2185 km/1180nm)*

* With long range tanks.

To learn more about the impressive capabilities of the P68, please choose “Fleet” in the top menu or click here.

The crew.

The specialised aircrafts are not the only thing this that ensures an effective and stabile operation.
The flight crew is a big part of the operation, since much relies on the crews ability to respond and adapt to new environments and of course the pilots flying skills.
The Bio Flight crew is trained for “Precision Flight” and flights in, and around, areas with high traffic density, with emphasis on safety and situational awareness.
The crews polite and ambitious approach, combined with operational experience and excellent radiotelephony skills, is highly appreciated by ATC units all over Europe.
This gives room for more flexibility and freedom of operation, which in the end means better productivity.
The Bio Flight crew has high standard, both when it comes to pilot skills but also when it comes to captainship.
Good captainship is to be able to make good decisions based on the information and options available.
Captainship is also an important factor outside of the aircraft when it comes to planning and on location arrangements.
A significant part of the cost related to special missions are the cost that includes hotels, transportation, landing and handling fees.
Our responsible crew always emphasises to build a good relationship on locations and negotiate favourable prices with local providers.
From experience, we can see significant savings on operating cost by building a network of contacts and good relations amongst handling companies, hotels and local providers.

The will to succeed.

Bio Flight represents a mentality where the will to succeed and deliver a product of the highest quality is the driving force!
We are very much aware of the fact, that the chain is never stronger than the weakest link.
By choosing Bio Flight as the first link in the chain of data acquisition, a effective and financial reasonable solution is guaranteed.