About Bioflight

Bioflight is an Aircraft Operator with more than 25 years’ experience in various kind of Special missions and Aerial Data Acquisition. Though our idealistic and ambitious approach to aviation, we have created an organization that offers a cost-effective platform for multiple types of data acquisition.

Our fleet is dynamic and can be adapted to a specific client request, but as a base it always consist of 8-10 Vulcanair P68´s in both C-models and Observer models.

Bioflight is an independent company with a strong relation to environmental flights in connection with offshore wind farms and wildlife monitoring programs, but has been frequently engaged in firefighting, agriculture, forestry, Navigation mapping, powerlines and LIDAR inspections. Our fleet of Vulcanair P68’s represents one of the most stable and reliable aircraft in its category and only the sky is the limit on what kind of assignments we can be engaged in.

Bioflight was founded in 1997 as a flight division within former Danish environmental consultancy company Bioconsult.

In 2010 Bioflight was separated and sold off to two investors in Denmark and the company was until 2014 kept on hobby basic with two P68`s engaged in visual surveys in Northern Europe.

In 2014 the structure of the company was changes, new members of the management were brought in ( among one of them Mads Brandt who is the owner of the company today) In the coming years, the foundation of Bioflight, as we know it today was formed.

Bioflight operates all over Europe 365 days a year 24/7 with our team of highly skilled and motivated special mission pilots. This combined with some of the industry’s most experienced managements personnel, we offer the best all-around service on the market to our customers.

In 2023 Bioflight engaged in a Danish carbon monoxide project in Ecuador “Plant a tree foundation”. Through this project, our goal is to become the first survey operator to become 100% Co2 natural on the fuel we use. Read more here


We do not currently have any vacancies, but we are always looking for talented pilots that can handle the challenging job of being a survey pilot. Please send us your CV, a written letter of recommendation from a previous employer or aviation professional, as well as a short introduction and your motivation for wanting to fly for Bioflight.


#1 What is Bioflight?

Bioflight is an aircraft operator that specialises in special mission operations. Our home base is outside Copenhagen, Denmark. From this location, we dispatch our fleet to operate at any location around the world upon client demands.

#2 Which services does Bioflight provide?

Bioflight provides a platform for aerial data acquisition, which includes specialised aircraft and experienced crew.

#3 Does Bioflight provide sensors for aerial data acquisition?

Bioflight does not provide sensors for aerial data acquisition. We do provide an aircraft which can facilitate most of the commonly used sensors on the market. Our clients provide their own sensors.

By not having sensors within our organisation, we maintain a non-competitive position and focus on our core competencies. Our clients do the same by outsourcing flight operations to us.

#4 What kind of aircraft does Bioflight operate?

Bioflight operates the Vulcanair/Partenavia P68.

See more under the fleet page.

#5 Do Bioflight aircraft have a photographic hatch?

Yes, all aircraft in the Bioflight fleet are equipped with a standard Vulcanair 63 cm x 46 cm photographic hatch, or a modification thereof to accomodate larger sensors.

#6  Does Bioflight dry lease its aircraft?

Bioflight does not dry lease aircraft.

We are very proud of our product and an important part of our product is our skilled flight crew.

Our friendly and cooperative flight crew are known for their effectiveness in assisting the clients’ task specialists in maximising operational productivity.

#7 What kind of special operations does Bioflight do?

We are engaged in following types of operations:

– Visual Environmental Offshore Surveys.

– Digital Environmental Offshore Surveys.

– Aerial photography and LiDAR.

– Any task that involves flight operation with the purpose off collecting data from above.

#8 What makes Bioflight the preferred partner in special mission flight operations?

Our four cornerstones:

– Stability.

– Flexibility.

– Reliability.

– Quality.

Compliance with our four cornerstones are supported by:

– New, reliable and cost/effective aircraft.

– Experienced and specially trained flight crew.

– Helpful and competent staff that have the skills and motivation to ensure a stabile and effective operation.

– A wide network within the aerial survey community and general aviation. This facilitates effective flight related services, such as handling, fuel deliveries, line maintenance and AOG response effectiveness.

– Very competitive pricing.

#9 My organisation operates aircraft of our own, so why should I engage in a collaboration with Bioflight?

To match an existing fleet to a growing list of tasks is always a puzzle and when winning a big task, the same questions always arise: Can we manage with our own fleet? And if so, can we take on more ad-hock work during the season?

By collaborating with Bioflight, you do not have to ask those questions any more, as you can take full advantage of a wet leasing arrangement. By assigning Bioflight on the long term tasks, you have ensured availability at the same time as you have released resources to consentrate on ad hock tasks that might lead to bigger projects in the future.

And when the task is over, the Bioflight aircraft goes home, and you are left with quality data and no more expenses cover. In other words: You ensure availability when an aircraft is needed and save the expenses when the aircraft is no longer needed. Request a quote, and perhaps you will find that Bioflight operations are more cost/effective than your own?

#10 What is the price?

The price is good and competitive, that’s for sure! Naturally the price varies with the location, weather demands, the season and the nature of the task.