Digital Surveys

The development in digital surveys has been huge since the implementation of the StUK 4 by the German government in 2013.

StUK 4 describes the guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessments in connection with Offshore wind farms.
The new guideline from October 2013 states that flights between the wind turbine pylons is to be avoided and Airborne Digital Imaging should be used instead.
The Digital Surveys are conducted at altitudes between 1400 feet (427 meters) and 3000 ft (915 meters) depending on the camera equipment.
The at advantage with digital surveys are:
  • Higher altitude that enhances flight safety and is less disturbing for the environment.
  • Less double counting bias due to less disturbance of the birds.
  • Better Quality Assurance since data can be reviewed by several people.
  • Better possibility for storage and comparison in a historic perspective.
The Bioflight fleet has been recognised as one of the best platforms for digital surveys.
This is both because of the sublime aerodynamic stability that ensures a clear picture of the sea surface, and the high endurance (up to 13 hrs@ 55% power) that ensures continuous operation within limited weather windows.
To read more about the multiple advantages by using the P68 observer, please click fleet in the top menu or click here.

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