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Experience Unmatched Precision with Aerial Surveys

Unlock New Horizons in Aerial Surveys with our State-of-the-Art Aircraft. Experience Unparalleled Capabilities as our P68 Platform Conducts Digital Surveys up to 10,000 feet MSL (3000m height). When it comes to LIDAR-based surveys, the P68 shines as the most ideal all-around platform, showcasing its impressive payload capacity and endurance of up to 8 hours.

Gain Better Quality Assurance with our Platform’s Maximum Aerodynamic Stability, thanks to its high wing profile and new engines that minimize disturbances. Enjoy Enhanced Storage Options with the Best-in-Class Cabin and Cargo Compartment, providing unparalleled convenience for your equipment and supplies.

Unparalleled Excellence with Bioflight

As an esteemed aerial survey company, Bioflight is committed to delivering unparalleled excellence in data acquisition. Our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

When you choose Bioflight, you gain more than just cutting-edge technology. Our platform provides better quality assurance through maximum aerodynamic stability, thanks to its high wing profile and advanced engines that minimize disturbances. We prioritize the comfort of both passengers and equipment.

Aerial Surveys with Our Exceptional Fleet

With our New Fleet, you can expect Minimum Ground Time, as we prioritize proactive maintenance to avoid unexpected delays. Achieve a Remarkably Low Cost to Productivity Ratio, benefiting from our All-Inclusive Wet Lease Operation, covering fuel, insurance, crew, and maintenance, leaving you with peace of mind and no worries.

To explore the multitude of advantages offered by the P68, simply navigate to Fleet. Elevate your Aerial Surveys to new heights of efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness with Bioflight’s exceptional P68 fleet.

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