Visual Surveys

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Since the 1990’s aerial surveys have been used to establish the abundance and distribution of sea birds and mammals.

The surveys are conducted for many different purposes:

  • General monitoring of single or multiple species of birds in a specific area.
  • Definition of nesting or moulting sites.
  • EIA (Environmental impact Assessments) in connection with the offshore industry.
  • Baseline studies for establishment of nature protection areas.


The surveys are conducted in altitudes between 250 ft and 600 at 100 kt (185 km/h).

The low altitude and the flight in close vicinity of obstacles requires close attention and excellent piloting skills.

Therefore, the flight crew in Bioflight is specially trained for these conditions and their proficiency is checked twice a year.

Our fleet includes 2 P68 Observer aircraft with another 4 in order. These are made especially for optimum viewing conditions both for the pilot and task specialist onboard.

To mention a few points:

  • Large bubble windows that allow for 180 degrees of free vision around the aircraft.
  • Transparent nose section which allows a front seat task specialist to have an unobstructed view of the area in front of — and beneath the aircraft.
  • Belly mounted landing gear that does not interfere with observations.
  • High wing configuration that enhances aerodynamic stability and observer vision.


To read more about the multiple advantages by using the P68 observer, please click fleet in the top menu or click here.


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